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We have been informed that a recent batch of MXL AC-360-Z microphones have been manufactured with a defective on-board chip. This defective chip does not allow the microphone to be recognized as providing 4 channels of audio when using Zoom Rooms for Mac. 

If your microphones were purchased between August 17 and September 26, 2018, it is possible that the MXL AC-360-Z units may not operate properly with the Zoom Rooms application. 

1. If your MXL AC360Z shows up on the Zoom Rooms Controller interface as USB Audio Codec (number), your device is not affected

2. If your MXL AC360Z shows up on the Zoom Rooms controller interface as MXL AC360Z(0), and

a. if the MXL AC360Z is connected to a Zoom Rooms for PC (Windows), your device is not functionally affected. There is a cosmetic issue with the label MXL AC360Z(0) instead of MXL AC360Z(number). This cosmetic issue will be fixed in the upcoming Zoom software release in November 2018. 

b if the MXL AC360Z is connected to a Zoom Rooms for Mac (MacOS), your device is functionally affected

3. Please note that you cannot have a combination of USB Audio Codec (number) and MXL AC360Z(0) in the same Zoom Rooms setup for both Mac or Windows at this time.  You can have a mix of MXL AC404Z and MXL AC360Z with both descriptors as  USB Audio Codec (number) 

4. To open a replacement claim, please contact MXL internal agent assigned to this issue:

  • Kris Garcia at +1(800) 800-6608 x 1148 or 
  • MXL is currently reprogramming the on-board chips and will begin replacing units on Nov 5, 2018 and they expect to complete by Nov 30, 2018. 

We greatly appreciate your business and trust in the MXL and Zoom brand and deeply regret this unfortunate incident.  We are taking immediate steps to rectify this situation and apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

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