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If you have Zoom Phone activated on your account, you can view phone numbers assigned to you and configure settings like business hours, voicemail, and call privileges.


  • Zoom Phone license


  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal and navigate to the Phone page.
  2. If you haven't completed your account setup, select a country, area code, timezone, set your voicemail PIN, then click Setup.
  3. Click the Settings tab to view the following information and options:
  • Site: Displays the site you belong to, if your admin enabled multiple sites
  • Company Number: Displays the extension number assigned to you and the main company number.
  • Number(s): Displays the direct phone numbers assigned to you. To change the emergency address associated with the phone number, click Address and select an address from the drop-down menu or click Add Emergency Address to add a new one.
  • Calling Plan(s): Displays your current calling plan that determines restrictions on your outbound calls.
  • Outbound Caller ID: Select the default caller ID when using the Zoom client to make outbound calls. You can select between the main company number and any direct phone numbers added to your account. You will still be able to change the outbound caller ID before making a call in the Zoom client.
  • Area Code: Click Edit to change the area code used for local calls.
  • Desk Phone(s): Displays any devices added to your account and their associated phone numbers.
  • Call Queue Membership: Displays call queues you've been added to. You will also see (Manager) if you've been assigned as the call queue manager. By default, calls to call queues that exceed a max wait time set by your admin will route to the call queue manager.
    • Receive calls from call queues: Click to toggle to disable or enable all calls from call queues you have been added to.
  • Auto Receptionist Operator: Displays auto receptionists you've been assigned as the operator. By default, the operator is assigned to the 0 key in the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system. If closed hours are set by your admin, calls during closed hours are routed to the operator.
  • Business Hours: Click Edit to change the times when you can answer calls. By default, inbound calls outside of business hours will be immediately forwarded to the your voicemail.

    • Ring Mode: Select the method to distribute calls during business hours.
      • Select Simultaneously to ring the Zoom application and all devices at the same time.
      • Select Sequentially to ring the Zoom application and devices one at a time.
        After selecting an option, can make sure to edit the Call Handling & Forwarding option below.
    • Call Handling & Forwarding: Click Edit to specify the Zoom application and devices that calls are routed to during business hours. If you set the Ring Mode to Sequentially, use the arrow icons or click and drag to rearrange the order.
  • Closed Hours: Select one of these options to route incoming calls outside of business hours.
    • Voicemail Greeting: Select a greeting from the drop-down menu or click Customize to record a greeting or upload a supported audio file.
    • Message: Click Upload Message Greeting and select an audio file.
    • Forward: Click Incoming call forward list to create a list of devices to call.
  • Delegation: Click Add to assign another phone user to answer your calls during business hours. If another user has assigned you to answer their calls, you will see their name and extension below I can assist for. If you don't want to answer calls for another user, click beside their extension.
  • Blocked List: Click View or Edit to see a list of numbers and prefixes that are blocked. Numbers and prefixes beside Default are blocked by the admin and applies to all phone users. If you want to add blocked numbers or prefixes that only apply to you, click Add, enter the number or prefix, then click Save.
  • PIN Code: Click Show or Edit to enter a 1 to 6 digit voicemail PIN. The default PIN is 000000. The PIN is used when checking voicemail on a desk phone.
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