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Zoom Professional Services Recommended Room Designs

Below we have designs for different Zoom Rooms scenarios. In each guide you will find specific design examples of Zoom Rooms within a commercial environment.

For each article you will find (as applicable):

  • 3D mockup of the room
  • Short description of the design
  • Complete Equipment Lists
  • Pictorial AV Schematic
  • Functional AV Schematic (Block Diagram)
  • Architectural Elevations
  • Mic Layouts

Zoom Rooms DIY Designs

DIY Designs are designs that are simple and generally plug and play. Configuration of external devices are minimized and can generally be built by an internal Audio Visual / IT Team or Data/Electrical Professionals with AV experience.

Zoom Rooms Professional AV Designs

Professional AV designs require industry experts (Zoom Certified Integrators) who are well versed in cable running, AV hardware/display installation, rack wiring, DSP/microphone configurations and system optimization and quality assurance as well as the Zoom Rooms platform. 

Additional Zoom Rooms Designs

Vendor Specific Room Designs

Vendor specific room designs are built around a single vendor for a variety of room types and are suited for corporations looking to standardize on a vendor for global consistency. 

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