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Shure P300/MXA310/MXA910 enabling and troubleshooting mute sync status Follow


Upgrading to the latest P300 firmware will allow the Zoom Rooms software to sync the mute status and LEDs with Shure's MXA310 and MXA910 microphones. For best results make sure you are on the latest versions listed below.


  • Zoom Rooms for Conference Room
    • PC: 4.5.2 (1087.0929) or higher
    • macOS: 4.5.2 (1249.0929) or higher
  • P300 firmware v3.1.8


  1. Download the Shure Update Utility.
  2. Any updates available for Shure devices will populate. Verify P300 is showing the Version to Install as 3.1.8 Run the software and click Send Updates.
  3. Use the Shure Web Device Discovery Application to navigate to the web UI of the Shure P300.
    • [NOTE: for firmware version 4.1.11 and later, configuration of P300 must be completed with Shure Designer Software]
  4. Navigate to the Inputs page
  5. At the bottom of the channel strip, click Enable logic.
  6. To enable muting via the button on the MXA310, use the Shure Web Device Discovery Application to navigate to the web UI of the Shure MXA310. 
  7. Navigate to the Button Control configuration page
  8. In the Button Properties section, make sure that Mute Control Functions is set to Logic out.

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