Mix & match huddle (2-7 people)

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This huddle room design incorporates different devices from various manufacturers. We recommend 1 TV display, an integrated camera, microphone, and speaker device, such as an Aver VB342, all connected to the Zoom Rooms computer. All equipment is wall-mounted behind the display allowing for easy access and installation.

A Neat Pad at the table is used as a room controller, along with another optional Neat Pad at the door as the scheduling display for the space.

Room Install: DIY
Room Size: 2-7 people


Other huddle room designs:


Note: These are available as DIY Zoom Rooms from Think Fast Track and other resellers.

Display Components

Camera and Audio

Network Components



Room Scheduler (Optional)

Cables and Supplies


Pictorial Diagram



Room Controls

This system is wired for room control capabilities to turn displays in the system on/off to align with operation times .  USB network adapter on the Zoom Room, as well as all displays, must be set with static IP addresses on the AV subnet.


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