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The Audio Watermark, or Audio Signature, feature embeds a user's personal information into the audio as an inaudible watermark if they record during a meeting. If the audio file is shared without permission, Zoom can help identify which participant recorded the meeting. 

Note: The file shared with Zoom for identification must have audio of at least 2 minutes in length. 



Enabling Audio Watermark

  1. Login to the Zoom Web Portal and navigate to Account Settings
  2. Under Schedule Meeting, toggle Add audio watermark to on (blue).

    Optional: Click the lock icon to force all users to use this setting. This will require "Only signed-in users can join the meeting" or "Only signed-in users with specified domains can join meetings" to also be locked on.

Requesting Information on an Audio File

If you need to know who recorded an audio file, submit a request to Zoom support. In your request, include the meeting ID, date and time, and the file. The file must have audio of at least 2 minutes in length.

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