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Conference (9-19 people) Follow

Room Type: USB Room
Room Size: 9-19 people

Note: This setup may require professional assistance.

For a USB-based conference room that sits 9-19 people, we recommend:

  • 2 TV displays
  • 1 HD PTZ camera
  • 1 XLR-to-USB interface such as a Focusrite 18i20, or a Behringer UMC 1820
  • Ceiling microphones: 2 Audix M3 tri-array analog mics over the table, and 2 Shure MX202s over the displays pointing back towards the table
  • Ceiling speakers that all connect to the Zoom Rooms' PC, macOS, or Chromebox.

All equipment is wall mounted behind the displays allowing for easy access and installation.

An iPad at the table is used as a room controller, while an optional iPad can be placed at the door for use as the room scheduling display. An additional touch display with Windows 10 PC running Zoom Rooms for Touch can be paired with the room with Whiteboard companion mode; the hardware guide and setup guide will help Whiteboard setup.


Equipment List

Display Components


Audio Components



Room Scheduler (Optional)

Cables & Supplies

Bulk Supplies

Companion Whiteboard


Pictorial Diagram


Functional Diagram


Architectural Diagram