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ProAV Training Room/Classroom Follow

Zoom Rooms can work with new or existing ProAV equipment. For a training room that sits 30+ people, we recommend four wireless microphones (two lavalier and two handheld) plus two ceiling microphone arrays for seamless audience engagement along with a QSC amplifier, QSC ceiling speakers and a QSC Digital Signal Processor that connects to the Zoom Rooms PC or Mac.

The environment will be a two-output environment distributed throughout the space with two 86" primary displays. A pole mount with two 55" confidence monitors will show the same content and video participants.

The audience-facing camera will be mounted above the video participants on the primary wall and the presenter-facing camera will be mounted below the confidence monitors to replicate eye contact with the presenter. The wireless presenter microphones will be the primary audio for voice lift in the space and Zoom input audio. Any audience questions or comments will be captured by the ceiling microphones to be heard by the participants on Zoom. Audio from the far end and content share will be heard over ceiling mounted speakers.

Note: ProAV room requires certified ProAV integrator or Zoom PSO to design and deploy.



Equipment List

Primary Displays

Confidence Monitors

Presenter Camera

Audience Camera (Mounted Below Primary Video Participant Display)

Document Camera (Optional)

Video DA/Transmission

Audio Components

Controller & Accessories

Room Scheduler (Optional)

Equipment Rack

Cables & Supplies

Bulk Supplies

Pictorial Diagram


Functional Diagram



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