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This article will explain how to broadcast utilizing the Zoom platform across both desktop client and Zoom Rooms.  A production space can broadcast to a Zoom Webinar as a host/panelist or out to a streaming platform such as Facebook LiveYouTube LiveFacebook Workplace or a Custom Platform

There are two broadcast scenarios that are possible:

One-way Broadcast:


Two-way Broadcast or Zoom Meeting:



Video & Audio Capture Device:

If using Zoom Rooms, please see System Requirements.  For a simple single-device setup, use an all-in-one PC with Touch (HP, or Dell)


  • For both scenarios, there is a single video and audio stream being mixed external to Zoom.  Zoom will ingest mixed signals and feed far end audio and video to the system.  Keep this in mind as far end participants will only see the production being sent through the magewell, giving the ability to have more control over what the far end sees & hears.
    • For a Zoom experience utilizing a separate content stream and no production system, please see the all hands space design which can utilize the webinar platform or broadcast to a streaming platform with a pre-defined picture in picture layout with content.  On the Zoom Platform, the two streams will be customizable on that Zoom receiving system
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