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Poly Huddle (2-7 People) Follow

Room Size: 2-7 people

For a Poly-based Huddle Room, we recommend a Zoom Rooms Appliance system including a Poly Studio X50 Appliance and Poly TC8 Controller.  Zoom Rooms Appliances are purpose-built to make it easier than ever to scale, deploy, and manage Zoom Rooms.

This may be set up with one or two displays.

For more information, please refer to Poly Studio X, their admin guide, and the partner page.

Note: Poly appliances now support multiple Poly USB cameras and USB audio devices


Equipment List

Note: Available as DIY Zoom Rooms from Think Fast Track and other resellers.


Zoom Rooms Appliance

Cables & Supplies


Pictorial Diagram


Functional Diagram


Elevation Diagram