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Admins can change global settings that apply to every phone user in the account. To access global settings, sign in to the Zoom web portal and navigate to
Phone System ManagementCompany Info.

Note: These settings can only be applied to all users. Individual users do not have access to change these settings.

This article covers:


  • Pro, Business, or Education account
  • Account owner or admin permissions
  • Zoom Phone license

Desk Phone

Change settings for provisioned desk phones. See Managing User Phones and Devices for more information.


Send email notifications when users receive voicemails: Click the toggle to enable or disable email notifications for users when they receive new voicemails.

  • Include voicemail file: Attach the voicemail MP3 file to email notifications.
  • Include voicemail transcription: Attach the voicemail transcription as a TXT file if Zoom was able to transcribe the voicemail message.

    Note: Users can still view or download voicemail messages and transcriptions using the Zoom client or web portal.

Send email notifications after assigning numbers to users: Click the toggle to enable or disable email notifications when you assign direct phone numbers to phone users.

Note: This setting does not apply to phone users' extension numbers. Phone users receive an email notification when you first assign a phone license and set their extension number. They will not get an email notification when you change their extension number.

Audio While Connecting

The audio while connecting plays for inbound callers when they are trying to reach a phone user. Use these options to change audio while connecting:

Hold Music

The hold music plays for the other party when a phone user places the call on hold. Use these options to change the hold music:


  • Phone users will be able to change or disable their hold music in their settings.
  • The hold music does not apply to call queues. Call queues have a separate setting called music on hold, which plays while the call queue is trying to reach an available member.

Default Business Hours

Set the default business hours when phone users can take calls.  You can also set business hours to span past 11:30 PM. This could be used for phone users that work night shifts.

Phone users will be able to change their specific business hours from the default.

Note: If you have multiple sites, you need to set default business hours for each site. The default business hours you set will only apply to phone users assigned to the site.


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