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Admins can change global settings that apply to every phone user in the account.

Note: These settings can only be applied to all users. Individual users do not have access to change these settings.

This article covers:


  • Pro, Business, or Education account
  • Account Owner or Admin Permissions
  • Zoom Phone license


To access global settings, log in to the Zoom web portal and navigate to the Company Info page. You will have access to these settings:

Voicemail Notifications

Click the toggle to enable email notifications for users when they receive new voicemails.

  • Include voicemail file: Attach the voicemail MP3 file to email notifications. 
  • Include voicemail transcription: Attach the voicemail transcription as a TXT file if Zoom was able to transcribe the voicemail message.

Note: Users can still view or download voicemail messages and transcriptions using the Zoom client or web portal.

Audio While Connecting

The audio while connecting file plays for inbound calls to your phone users. Select an audio file from the drop-down menu or click Upload to add a custom audio file.

Note: Click the ? icon to view requirements for the audio file. If your audio file doesn't meet the requirements, it can still be uploaded and played in the web portal but won't play when someone calls in.

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