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You can upgrade your iOS Zoom Room controllers from the web if they are enrolled in Zoom's Mobile Device Management service (ZDM). You also have the option to upgrade your Mac Zoom Rooms from the same web location.


Remotely Upgrading Windows Zoom Rooms:

Remotely Upgrading Mac Zoom Rooms:

Remotely Upgrading iOS Zoom Room controllers:

  • iOS Zoom Room controller is in "Supervised Mode"
  • iOS Zoom Room controller is enrolled in an MDM service
  • iOS Zoom Room controller has at least 50% battery power
  • iOS Zoom Room controller is connected to the internet
  • iOS Zoom Room controller does not have a passcode

Note: If the device is using an OS prior to iOS 10.3 it must be enrolled in an MDM solution with Apple DEP. Windows devices can only upgrade their Zoom Room applications through this interface. Click here for instructions on how to upgrade the OS on Windows devices.


  1. Login to and navigate to the Zoom Rooms page.
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Select the dropdown on the right and filter devices ‘Enrolled in MDM only’.
  4. Click Upgrade iOS to update the OS or click Upgrade App to update the Zoom Room controller application.
  5. Click Upgrade macOS to upgrade your Mac Zoom Room computers or Upgrade App to update the Zoom Room application on your Mac or Windows Zoom Room computers.
  6. When you click Upgrade macOS or Upgrade iOS, you can choose to Upgrade Now or Upgrade by Schedule. If you prefer to use an upgrade schedule you can configure it by navigating to the Zoom Rooms page then clicking Device Management on


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