Requesting a toll-free number port (US, Canada)

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A number port allows you to move your existing number from one Telecommunications Service Provider to Zoom Phone.


  • To know our porting activation times, porting time frames or If you are having issues during the porting process, please visit our FAQ page.
  • Inform Zoom ahead of time if you are using your existing phones with Zoom Phone. If so, you may need to contact your current carrier on the day of port to unlock the phone so that we can provision them to Zoom Phone

Prerequisites for requesting a toll-free number port for US or Canada

How to request a toll-free number port for US or Canada

  1. Download and complete the required Letter of Agency (LOA).
  2. Submit your order Here and make sure to follow the steps below:
    • Please select your request type: Zoom Phone Number Porting
    • Your email address: make sure the email address is accurate
    • Type of Issue: New Number Port
    • Porting Country: (Select United States or Canada)
    • Subject: (Keep it as is)
    • Description: (Please make sure the details below are present for a smooth transaction)
      • Zoom Phone Account Number
      • Additional instructions (Optional)
    • Attachments:
      • Attach the completed LOA (required)
      • Current copy of the invoice that has the toll-free number(s)
  3. Zoom will review and confirm receipt of the request and provide an update as the order progresses.
  4. Zoom will send a request to your service provider to validate the information on the LOA, as the transfer request is also dependent on your service provider.
    Your request will either be approved or rejected:
    • Rejected: If rejected, Zoom will inform you that your porting request was unsuccessful. Rejection can occur due to a variety of reasons. The Zoom porting team will provide you with the cause and how to resolve the rejection (which may require contacting your current carrier to resolve the issue).
    • Approved: If approved, Zoom will inform you that your porting order has been approved with a date for when your number will be transferred to Zoom, and the numbers will be available on or before the day of port for you to manage in the Zoom web portal.

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