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Biamp TesiraFORTÉ MacOS USB Follow

If you are experiencing issues in you Zoom Rooms utilizing TesiraFORTÉ, follow this article to diagnose and fix the issue.

Products affected:

  • All TesiraForte Models
  • Devio CR-1 (Discontinued)

Products NOT affected:

  • Tesira EX-UBT
  • Devio SCR-20
  • Devio SCR-25

Symptom: Audio stops working in one or both directions between a Mac mini and TesiraFORTÉ USB port. Rebooting the TesiraFORTÉ or Mac Mini resolves the issue temporarily.

Diagnosis: Apple has modified how it handles Asynchronous Sync, which causes issues on this specific hardware version of USB.

Resolution: Disable asynchronous support of the USB port in the Biamp Tesira software. (You may need to contact your AV integrator to perform this change):