Requesting a Freephone Number Port for UK Follow


A number port allows you to move a pre-existing number from another carrier to be utilized on your Zoom Phone account.

Note: If you're having issues during the porting process, see our list of common porting issues and resolutions.

This article covers:


  • Account owner or admin permissions
  • Zoom Phone license

You will need to provide the following information:

  • A signed and dated LOA – Printed and scanned on letterhead is preferable
  • Copy of invoice (if available)

Requesting a UK Number Port

  1. Download and complete the required Letter of Agency (LOA).
  2. Send an email to Make sure to:
    • Include UK Freephone number port in the subject line.
    • Attach the completed LOA (required) and and current copy of the invoice that has the freephone number(s) listed.
  3. A Zoom team member will review and confirm receipt of the request.
  4. Zoom Phone will send a request to your previous provider to validate the information on the LOA. If accepted, Zoom and the previous provider will work together to activate the pending port. Once approved, it will be available to you to manage in the Zoom web portal.

Porting Guidelines

  • The losing carrier needs to be listed on LOA.
  • The address does not need to match area code.
    • The address needs to be a valid UK address.
  • Number porting may face up to two hours downtime. This is an average however this figure can vary on a case by case basis.
  • The porting window for freephone porting is 12:00AM-4:00AM GMT.
  • SLA is currently set at around 30 working days.
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