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Requesting a number port for Australia and New Zealand Follow


A number port allows you to move a pre-existing number from another carrier to be used on your Zoom Phone account.

Note: If you're having issues during the porting process, see our list of common porting issues and resolutions.

This article covers:


  • Account owner or admin permissions
  • Zoom Phone license

You will need to provide the following information:

  • A completed Porting Authority Form (PAF)
  • Copy of invoice that has the numbers listed (if available)

Requesting an AU/NZ number port

  1. Download and complete the required Porting Authority Form (PAF).
  2. Once completed, send an email to
    • Include Australian / New Zealand Port Request in the subject line.
    • Attach the PAF (required) and current copy of the invoice that has the numbers listed.
  3. Zoom will review and confirm receipt of the request.
  4. Zoom will send a request to your previous provider to validate the information on the PAF. If accepted, Zoom and the previous provider will work together to activate the pending port. Once approved, it will be available to manage in the Zoom web portal.

AU/NZ porting guidelines

  • Numbers may have to be ported in ranges/blocks. This is dependent on your current carrier's number porting rules.
  • The SLA for number porting is 30 days (the total time it takes for the ported numbers to be available to manage in the Zoom web portal).
  • Number porting will take place during AU business hours. Once it begins, there will be 30 minutes to 2 hours of downtime. 
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