ProAV Immersive/Telepresence Conversion

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Any Immersive/Telepresence system with existing traditional video conferencing proprietary hardware can be modified into a Zoom Room. By reusing the displays, enclosure, furniture, and many other existing components, the experience can be converted directly into a 3-screen Zoom Room system.



Equipment to be re-used

  • All furniture & display enclosures for three displays
  • 3x Displays
  • Power Amplifier(s)
  • Speaker System
  • Network Switches (If Existing)
  • PDUs & Power Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Audio DSP and Mics (Polycom Soundstructure)(See h.323/SIP Room Conversion)
  • Wired Laptop Content Connectivity with HDMI output

Equipment to be removed

  • Proprietary Codec/Compute devices
  • Proprietary Camera(s)
  • Proprietary Microphones/DSP
    • Note: Some DSPs may be re-used and hard wired via analog connections in & out of Zoom Rooms (See Below). Consult manufacturer/installer for reset & reprogram

New Zoom Rooms Equipment

Camera Components

Optional Wired HDMI for Content Sharing


Audio (Existing DSP)

Audio (New DSP)

Controller and Accessories

Room Scheduler (Optional)

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