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Our Zoom experts host free and interactive live training webinars daily. Get up to speed in less than an hour. Please select the time zone that fits best for you when registering for one of our live training webinars.

What is a Zoom Meeting? Spend 30 minutes learning the basics with one of our Zoom experts. We will cover scheduling, inviting others, host controls, and wrap things up with live Q&A.

Audience: Beginner

Once you have completed our Getting Started with Zoom Meetings session, our Zoom expert will guide you through a 60-minute tour of Zoom Meetings, taking you beyond the basics. This session includes live Q&A.

Audience: Intermediate Users

Spend 45 minutes discovering the power of virtual teaching and learning in the Zoom classroom. We will show you the steps and best practices from two points of view: student (downloading the app then joining and participating in the class), and teacher (scheduling, joining, hosting, and in-meeting tools) before wrapping up with live Q&A.

Note: This training session focuses on using our Zoom Meetings platform as your classroom setting. Zoom Webinar training is also available.  

Audience: Students and Educators

Are you looking to expand your audience? Do you have a great idea that you wish to monetize? An expert Zoom trainer will walk you through best practices, branding, customization, and registration for your future webinar. This 60-minute session includes live Q&A.

Audience: Intermediate Users

Did you know that Zoom Rooms are disrupting the traditional conference room market?
Let our Zoom training expert show you why our industry-leading hardware ecosystem can fit any conference room: big, small, or huddle. This 60-minute session includes live Q&A.

Audience: Intermediate Users

Is there really that big of a difference from one phone technology to the next? We think so! Join Zoom training expert over 60 minutes as you discover how our business phone system integrates your voice conversations into a single communications experience. This 60-minute session includes live Q&A.

Audience: Administrator

Do you manage Zoom accounts at your organization? Join a Zoom expert trainer for an in-depth review of the Zoom administrator portal. This 60-minute session includes live Q&A and covers user deployment, reports, and user roles.

Audience: Administrator

Got a question? We have the answers! Join our expert Zoom trainers for an interactive and engaging 60-minute session that is all about YOU! Meets monthly & includes live Q&A.

Audience: All

For our German customers, please find our trainings in German language here.
Für unsere deutschen Kunden: Unsere Schulungen in deutscher Sprache finden Sie hier.

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