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Supported desk phone features Follow


The following table provides the list of features available on supported devices.

This article covers:


  • Provisioned desk phone


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Feature Poly Yealink Cisco AudioCodes

In-call controls

Hold/resume calls
Transfer calls
View and manage voicemail
Set up call forwarding (see note)   Partial   Partial
Elevate to Zoom meeting        
Call flip (see note) Partial Partial    
Sync in-call status with Zoom Desktop Client and Mobile App  
Transfer to voicemail (see note) Partial Partial    
Call park (see note) Partial Partial    
Call monitoring (listen, whisper, barge, take over) - see note   Partial    

Additional features

Set status to Do not disturb
(see note)
Partial Partial Partial  
Multiple line keys assigned to direct phone numbers  
Shared lines (Call delegation and shared line groups) - see note Partial Partial    
Speed dial and busy lamp field (see note) Partial Partial    
Search company directory (directory of phone users in the account) - see note Partial    
Shared directory of external contacts        
Hot desking    


Sync time with NTP server
Set custom admin password and language (see note) Partial
Set custom time format and zone
Assisted provisioning
Zero touch provisioning All VVX and Trio series phones  

Custom firmware required


Auto firmware upgrade


Provision templates (see note)


Assign multiple phone users to one device (see note)

Partial Partial    


Notes for features with partial support

Call forwarding

Call forwarding from desk phones only works if the forward-to number is an external PSTN number or a Zoom Phone user/extension that is in the same SIP zone.

Call flip

Call flip is not supported on these models.

  • Poly: OBi302, OBi508, SoundPoint 335, SoundPoint 550, SoundPoint 650, SoundStation 5000, SoundStation 6000, Trio 8500, Trio 8800
  • Yealink: CP920, CP960, W56P, W60P

Transfer to voicemail

Transfer to voicemail is supported on these models:

  • Yealink: T4xS series, T5xW series, T58, VP59, CP960, CP920, W60B
  • Poly: All non-EOL models

Call park

Call park is supported on these models:

  • Poly: All VVX series phones
  • Yealink: All models except W56P, W60P, CP920, CP960

Call monitoring (listen, whisper, barge, take over)

Call monitoring is supported on these models:

  • Yealink: T4xS series, T5xW series, T58, VP59

Do not disturb (DND) status

The DND status only applies to the phone you set it on. This status does not sync on other desk phones assigned to you or the Zoom desktop client or mobile app.

The DND status functions differently depending on the manufacturer:

  • Poly: Sound notifications are blocked, but you will still see a visual notification on the phone's screen.
  • Yealink: All on-screen and sound notifications are blocked.

Call delegation and shared line groups

The following phone models support call delegation and shared line groups. Models not on this list might support some features like making and receiving calls using a shared line, but won’t show the status of shared lines.

  • Poly: VVX150, VVX250, VVX350, VVX450
  • Yealink: T42S, T46S, T48S, T54, T56, T58, VP59

Speed dial and busy lamp field

The following models support speed dial and busy lamp field:

  • Poly: VVX150, VVX250, VVX350, VVX450
  • Yealink: T42S, T46S, T48S, T54, T56, T58, VP59

Company directory search

Company directory search is supported on these models:


  • The Zoom Phone admin must re-sync desk phones for the contacts directory to appear. Alternatively, phone users can re-sync their desk phone by manually rebooting it.
  • Refer to the quick start guides for Poly or Yealink if you need help using the company directory.
  • If company directory search isn't working, make sure to open outbound port 390.

Admin password

The Admin Password setting located in the account-level desk phone settings doesn't apply to AudioCodes 445HD and 450HD.

Provision templates

Provision templates are supported on these models.

Multiple phone users

You can assign multiple phone users to these models.

  • Poly: OBi302, OBi508vs
  • Yealink: W56P, W60P