Supported desk phone features Follow

The following table provides the list of features available on supported devices.

Feature Polycom Yealink Cisco AudioCodes
Sync time with NTP server Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set custom admin password and language Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set custom time format and zone Yes Yes Yes Yes
TLS and SRTP Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-way calling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zero touch provisioning Only on VVX series phones Yes No Yes
Assisted provisioning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom firmware required


Yes No No
Auto firmware upgrade Yes Yes No Yes
Hold / resume calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transfer calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Check voicemail (see note A) Partial Partial Partial Partial
Set up call forwarding (see note B) No Partial No Partial
Set presence to Do Not Disturb
(see note C)
Partial Partial Partial No
Elevate to Zoom meeting No No No No
Call flip (see note D) Partial Partial No No
Multiple line keys assigned to direct phone numbers Yes Yes Yes No
Call delegation and shared lines 
(see note E)
Partial Partial No No
Contacts directory sync No No No No
Provision templates (see note F) Partial Partial Partial No
Sync in-call status with Zoom Desktop Client and Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes


Note (A): Only supports retrieving new messages. You cannot save or listen to old messages and delete messages using a desk phone.

Note (B): Call forwarding from desk phones only works if the forward-to number is an external PSTN number or a Zoom Phone user/extension that is in my same SIP zone.

Note (C): Setting your status to Do Not Disturb on a desk phone will route all inbound call to your voicemail and prevent your desk phone from ringing. The Do Not Disturb status does not sync with the Zoom desktop client or mobile app.

Note (D): Call flip is not supported on these models.

  • Polycom: OBi302, OBi508, SoundPoint 335, SoundPoint 550, SoundPoint 650, SoundStation 5000, SoundStation 6000, Trio 8500, Trio 8800
  • Yealink: CP920, CP960, W56P, W60P

Note (E): The following phone models support shared line appearance. Models not on this list might support some call delegation features like making and receiving calls, but won’t show the status of shared lines.

  • Polycom: VVX150, VVX250, VVX350, VVX450
  • Yealink: T42S, T46S, T48S, T54, T56, T58, VP59

Note (F): Provision templates are supported on these models.

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