Reserved Extension Numbers Follow

To prevent overlap from emergency codes and international prefixes, the following extensions cannot be assigned to phone users. Reserved extension numbers are based on the emergency address assigned to the phone user, common area phone, or Zoom Room.

Note: For all countries, you cannot start extensions with 0.

This article covers:

Reserved extension  Description

United States and Canada

911 Emergency number 
933 Commonly used by 911 operator
112 Emergency number for EU; usually forwards calls to emergency services
999 Emergency number for the United Kingdom; usually forwards calls to emergency services
211 Community information and referral services
311 Non-emergency police and other governmental services
411 Local directory assistance
511 Traffic and transportation information
611 Phone line repair services; phone support line if dialing from a softphone
711 Relay service for people with hearing or speech disabilities
811 Before-you-dig services in US; non-urgent telehealth services in Canada

United Kingdom

112 Emergency number for the EU
999 Emergency number for the United Kingdom
911 Usually forwards calls to emergency services 
933 Commonly used by 911 operator
100 Local operator assistance for landlines
101 Non-urgent crime and community safety calls

Local electricity network operators

111 Non-emergency calls to National Health Service (NHS)
123 Speaking clock service
155 International operator assistance
144 Withhold number (service provided by carriers)
1470 Release number (service provided by carriers)
1471 Return call (service provided by carriers)
1475 Removes details of last call from 1471 (service provided by carriers)
1477 Automatic Call Trace (service provided by carriers)
1571 Voicemail (service provided by carriers)



Emergency number

106 TTY emergency (for the hearing impaired)
112 Alternative access to emergency services 
132500 State Emergency Service (SES)
131444 Non-emergency police


110 Police
119 Fire
120 Ambulance
122 Traffic accident
999 Private ambulance service (Beijing only)
114 Directory assistance


112 Police
119  Fire
123  Emergency number
125  Ambulance
132  Ambulance
165  Anti-kidnapping hotline


112 Emergency number

Non-emergency police


100 Police
102 Ambulance
108 Ambulance service operated in 22 states
101 Fire
112 Alternative emergency number
1906 Gas leakage
1363 Tourist Helpline
1098 Child Helpline
104 Blood Needs
181 Women Helpline


112 Emergency number
999 Emergency number

New Zealand

111 Emergency number
105 Non-emergency police number


911 Emergency number
100  Domestic violence
103  Telephone information number
105 Police
106  Ambulance (SAMU)
115  Civil defense
116 Fire
117 Ambulance
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