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Getting Started with ZDM for Windows Follow


System administrators can use Zoom's mobile device management (ZDM) tool to assign updates to Windows devices from the web. Admins will use an update schedule for installing patches. Once you have selected your active hours, installations will take place outside of these active hours for assigned devices. Updates and devices can also be selected so that certain updates or devices are ignored. Once assigned and the Zoom Room is powered on, the device will automatically be logged in to the Zoom Room you've selected from Web. No need for activation codes, sign-in email addresses, or pairing codes with ZDM.

This article covers:


  • Zoom Room license
  • Account owner, admin or Zoom Rooms role
  • Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education edition


How to enroll version 1703 or later Windows 10 devices

  1. Sign in to and navigate to Device Management.
  2. Select Windows, and open the link listed using Edge, IE, Google Chrome, or Firefox.
  3. Enter the access code.
    Note: Access codes are dynamic. Please use the access code in your Zoom web portal. 
  4. Follow the instructions on the device to complete the enrollment process.  

How to enroll version 1607 Windows 10 devices

  1. Open the link below using the browser on the Windows device you want to enroll
  2. Enroll your device to Zoom using the Access Code provided in your Zoom web portal 
  3. Input the email address below in the popup dialog and click "Next"
  4. Enter the ZDM Server URL below and click "Next", the device will be enrolled after a while
  5. Your device should finish enrolling within a few minutes

Note: For Windows 10 version 1607 you will not see your enrolled device immediately in your Zoom web portal.  It will be displayed after you log into a Zoom Room with the enrolled device.

How to enroll with a provisioning package

Option A: Integrate the provisioning package into the system installation image file

  1. Download the zdm.ppkg file from Zoom.
  2. Modify your system installation image file to include the Zoom provisioning package. Click here for instructions on how to change an image file. 
  3. Apply the modified image file to the desired devices.

Option B: Manually install the provisioning package file

  1. Download the zdm.ppkg file from Zoom.
  2. Double click the file to install it. Click yes when the Windows installation prompts appear.

Complete the installation for options A or B

  1. In Windows, navigate to Settings, click Accounts, then click Access work or school.
  2. The text "Connected to Zoom Rooms MDM" should appear on this page.
  3. Click the Info button. Click Sync if it is necessary to manually synchronize the devices.
  4. Sign in to a Zoom Room on the enrolled device and wait while the data synchronizes.
  5. Your enrolled devices should now be visible on the Zoom web portal.

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