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Zoom offers two variations of an Outlook integration; the Zoom Plugin and Zoom Add-In. Both of these integrations allow customers to add a Zoom meeting to their Outlook calendar event. The Plugin is an application installation and the Add-In is a native integration in Microsoft Office AppSource.

To ensure our users are getting the best experience while adhering to policies and guidelines set by Apple and Microsoft, Zoom is highly recommending the migration of your users to Zoom’s Add-In. The Add-In provides customers with an easier deployment and more robust admin management solutions, is actively being supported by Microsoft, and better meets the recently enhanced security requirements of vendors like Apple.

Note: With this shift, we will still continue technical support and security patches of the Mac Outlook Plugin, and there is no end date for this support defined as of now. However, we will stop development of new features. All new features will be considered for the Outlook Add-In, which is OS-agnostic.  Additionally, Mac OS Catalina no longer supports plugins, including the Zoom Outlook plugin. Mac OS Catalina users will need to use the Outlook add-in. 

We will be supporting Windows OS Outlook Plugin (including new enhancements, technical support and bug/ patch fixes). We recommend consolidating to the Add-In for an easier deployment process and standardized user experience.

Given this context, we recommend the following deployments:

  1. Office 365 - Mac and Windows environment: deploy Zoom Add-In for both platforms
  2. Office 365 - Windows only: deploy Zoom Add-In since it provides a better user experience and simplifies admin management. However, using the Zoom Plugin will still work.
  3. On Premise Office - Mac and Windows: deploy Zoom Plugin for both as Add-Ins are not available in On Premise versions of Outlook. Keep Mac OS to Mojave or below, as Mac OS Catalina does not support plugins. 
  4. On Premise - Windows only: deploy Zoom Plugin as Add-Ins are not available On Premise versions of Outlook.

We recommend beginning to migrate to Zoom’s Outlook Add-In. More details on the experience of Zoom Add-In for Outlook can be viewed here. If you have any questions on the migration, please submit a request to our Support team.


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