New Updates for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Follow

Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available.

Current Release

August 6, 2019, Version 2.0

New and Enhanced Features

  • UI Refresh
    The VDI thin client plugin supports the user interface from the Zoom desktop client version 4.4.
  • Unified Client for Home Workers
  • Version Backward Compatibility
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Desktop Sharing Optimization (Windows Thin Clients)
    Supports desktop, application and video sharing, as well as remote control and annotation.
  • Support for Additional Citrix VDI Solutions
    eLux, IGel, Ubuntu and HP ThinPro OS GA are now supported.
  • Support for Additional VMWare VDI Solutions
    VMWare Horizon GA for Windows is now supported.
  • Encoding Camera Optimization (Windows)
    Added HW encoder for Camera C925.

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