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Registry keys can be used for troubleshooting or fine tuning performance with your VDI setup. If the registry key or sub key is not present, you can create it. Once you have created or edited a registry key, restart the Zoom client for the change to take effect. Using registry keys for non-troubleshooting purposes is not recommended. Changing the LogLevel value in particular can generate a large amount of unnecessary files. 

All registry keys listed will work in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) and HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) hives, except where otherwise noted. Zoom will check the current user directory, then check the local machine directory for the key. If the same key is set in the HKLM and HKCU hives, the value in the HKCU hive will be used. Keys only need to be configured on a virtual machine's registry table to take effect. 

Registry Keys

Key: Software\Zoom\VDI\Config
Value: ServiceUnavailableTipMsg
Value Type: String Value (REG_SZ)
Value Description: Displays a user defined message when VDI plugin is not usable. When this does not exist or the string value is empty, a default message will be used; When the string value is not empty, it will show the provided error message for all errors that occur.
Comments: The registry table string type does not support line return. If a user wants line return, "\n" should be used to indicate a line return. The length of the content string should be no more than 1024, otherwise it may fail to read the setting.


Key: Software\Zoom\VDI\Config
Value: ShareSubscribeFps
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description: This is a user defined subscribing sharing frame rate. It can be 1 or 5.


Key: Software\Zoom\VDI\Config
Value: ShareCaptureFps
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description: This is a user defined screen capture frame rate. The value can be any number from 1 to 5.


Key: Software\Zoom\VDI\Config
Value: EnableDifferentVersionTip
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description: This enables or disables an error message display when the VDI client and VDI plugin version do not match. A zero will display no warning message when there is version mismatch, whereas any other value will display one.


Key: Software\Zoom\VDI\Config
Value: UDPPortBegin, UDPPortEnd
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description: User specified port range when connecting with UDP. The minimum value is 17000 and the maximum value is 65000.


Key: Software\Zoom\VDI\Config or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Zoom\VDI\Config
Value: DisablePowerSchemeBoost 
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description: Specify a value of one (1) to disable. Specify a value of zero (0) or not available to enable.


Key: Software\Zoom\VDI\Config
Value: FallbackMode
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description:  Each number corresponds to a specific mode:
(1) Normal mode (Behaves like the regular zoom client)
(2) Runs as a screen share meeting (Audio and video are muted by default)
(3) A pop-up appears that will say unable to meet and join
(4) A dialogue prompt will display an error message. When the user closes the prompt the Zoom app will also be closed. 
Comments: If the registry settings are not configured, the default mode is one (1).


Key: Software\Zoom\VDI\Config
Value: LogLevel
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description: The following values determine the log output:
(0) no log output
(1) output error log
(2) output warning log
(3) output info log
(4) output all logs
Comments: If set to zero (0), there may be some null log files generated.
The log of the init procedure of the VDI plugin will always be generated. 


Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Zoom\Zoom Meetings\Meetings
Value: AlwaysShowVideoPreviewDialog
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description: 1
CommentsBefore joining a meeting with video on, users will be shown their video preview and given the option to join with or without video. This key must be used in the HKLM hive.


Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Zoom\Zoom Meetings\Meetings
Value: DoTComplianceMode
Value Type: DWORD
Value Description:
(0) default, no effect
(1) Video will be forced on during the entire meeting and the user will not be able to disable it. The user can toggle audio off or on.
(2) Video and computer audio are disabled. Only phone dial in or out is allowed.
CommentsThis key must be used in the HKLM hive.


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