If you are unable to receive emails from Zoom, including notifications and activation emails, you can use the following directions to search for the emails.

All account-related notifications will come from no-reply@zoom.us. While most mail servers receive Zoom's emails within a few minutes, some mail servers may take 30 minutes or longer. 

If your email is managed by your organization, you can have them check to make sure
no-reply@zoom.us, as well as the following IP addresses are allowed by your company's email server:

Note: Support ticket emails will come from support@zoomus.zendesk.com.


  1. Select More.
  2. Select Spam.
  3. Search for no-reply@zoom.us.

Note: For Gmail you can also search all mail folders, by selecting All Mail under More, then searching for no-reply@zoom.us.


  1. Select Junk Mail.
  2. Search for no-reply@zoom.us.


  1. Select Spam.
  2. Search for no-reply@zoom.us.

If you still are unable to find the emails, please contact us