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Zoom Phone features comparison Follow


See the table below for a comparison of Zoom Phone features across desktop clients (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile apps (Android, iOS). Make sure to update your client or app to the latest version to access these features.

You can also view features available on supported desk phones.

This article covers:


  • Latest version of the Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App
  • Zoom Phone license


Click the embedded links to learn more about each feature. 

  - The feature can be enabled, disabled, or customized by the Zoom Phone admin.
  - The feature is only available in the Zoom web portal.

Feature Windows Mac Linux Android iOS


Make and receive calls  
Select outbound caller ID   
View detailed incoming call notifications
Dismiss call notifications (continues to ring on your other devices)
Transfer calls
Flip calls to another Zoom Phone device (see note A)  
Start cloud recording 
Add another person to the call (three-way calling)
Elevate call to Zoom Meeting
Start or join a concurrent Zoom meeting and switch between phone call and meeting
Merge phone call with concurrent meeting


Search through your internal and external contacts
View contacts synced with Google or Outlook     
Add synced contacts to Google or Outlook using call history or voicemail     
View contacts saved on your phone      


Play, download, or delete your voicemails
View voicemail transcriptions 
Delete several selected voicemail messages at once      
Delete all voicemail messages at once    
Call, copy, or block number of associated voicemail message
Play, download, or delete shared voicemails     
Filter voicemails by ownership (owned by you or shared by admin)          

Call history and recordings

Play, download, or delete call history
Play, download, or delete your own call recordings 
Play, download, or delete shared call recordings            
Delete several selected call history and recording entries at once      
Delete all call history and recording entries at once    
Call, copy, or block number of associated call history or recording entry
Automatic call recordings   


Enable or disable call queue calls   ✔
Enable or disable calls from shared line groups (see note B)  
Show or hide incoming call notifications while in a meeting (see note C)    

Additional features

Call delegation   
Shared line groups   
Click to dial      


Note (A): You can use call flip on Linux if it's the originating device. In other words, you can transfer calls from the Linux desktop client, but you can't transfer calls to the Linux desktop client.

Note (B): If your platform does not support enabling or disabling calls from shared line groups, you can change this setting in the Zoom web portal.

Note (C): Incoming call notifications on the Zoom mobile app do not display when you are in a meeting using the app.