Zoom Phone feature comparison by platform

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See the table below for a comparison of Zoom Phone features across desktop clients (Windows, macOS, Linux), Zoom PWA, and mobile apps (Android, iOS). Make sure to update your client or app to the latest version to access these features.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using Zoom Phone features

  • Licensed user with a Zoom Phone license
  • Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account
  • Latest version of the Zoom desktop client or mobile app.
  • Zoom PWA

Comparison of Zoom Phone desktop client, mobile app, and Zoom PWA features

Click the embedded links to learn more about each feature. 

- The feature can be enabled, disabled, or customized by the Zoom Phone admin.

 - The feature is only available in the Zoom web portal.

☎ - Zoom Phone Basic users without a calling plan only have access to these features.

Feature Windows
Linux Android
Zoom PWA Zoom Phone




Make calls to internal or external numbers
Make emergency calls ☎
Receive calls
Select outbound caller ID 
View detailed incoming call notifications
Dismiss call notifications (continues to ring on your other devices)  
Transfer calls
Flip calls to another Zoom Phone device (see note A)  
Start recording 
Add another person to the call (conference call of 3 or more participants)
Elevate call to Zoom Meeting  
Start or join a concurrent Zoom meeting and switch between phone call and meeting  
Merge phone call with concurrent meeting    
Monitor phone users (listen, whisper, barge, conference barge)  
Monitor call queues, shared line groups or shared line appearance    
Park call
Send or receive audio intercom  
Call control from desktop client      




Search through your internal and external Zoom contacts
View contacts synced with Google or Outlook       
Add synced contacts to Google or Outlook using call history or voicemail       
View contacts saved on your phone        
Search through shared directory of external contacts    

Voicemail and Videomail



Play, download, or delete your voicemails
View voicemail/videomail transcriptions
Delete several selected voicemail messages at once ☎        
Delete all voicemail messages at once ☎  
Call, copy, or block number of associated voicemail message ☎
Mark voicemail as unread  
Play, download, or delete shared voicemails   
Filter voicemails by ownership (owned by you or shared by admin)  
Set video greeting or leave video mail  

Call history and recordings



Play, download, or delete call history
(except playing recordings)

(except playing recordings)
Play, download, or delete your own call recordings   
Play, download, or delete shared call recordings            
Delete several selected call history and recording entries at once        
Delete all call history and recording entries at once  
Call or copy number of associated call history or recording entry    
Block number of associated call history   
Automatic call recordings 
Filter calls by line    




Enable or disable call queue calls (opt in or out of call queues)  
Enable or disable calls from shared line groups (see note B)  
Enable or disable Live Transcript in meeting        
Show or hide incoming call notifications while in a meeting (see note C)    
Set ringtone  

Additional features



Call delegation     
Shared line groups   
Click to dial      
Group call pickup    
Local survivability 



Nomadic emergency services



Note (A): You can use call flip on Linux if it's the originating device. In other words, you can transfer calls from the Linux desktop client, but you can't transfer calls to the Linux desktop client.

Note (B): If your platform does not support enabling or disabling calls from shared line groups, you can change this setting in the Zoom web portal.

Note (C): If you are in a Zoom meeting using the mobile app, you will always get notifications for incoming Zoom Phone calls.

Note (D): If you enable nomadic emergency services, you can't set up LLDP to detect network information for wireless Zoom Phone Appliances.

Note (E):  Local survivability requires app version 5.11.6 or higher. You can review the system requirements for this functionality.

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