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India e-mandate directive

Beginning October 1, 2021 the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) e-mandate directive will be taking effect for recurring payments using India Bank Cards. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Zoom Rooms features Follow

The Zoom Rooms application runs on macOS, Windows, Chrome, and Android operating systems (OS). The features available vary by OS. The following will help you evaluate the Zoom Rooms solution or decide what OS is preferable for your setup. 

Prerequisites for Zoom Rooms features

Latest version of Zoom Rooms for Conference Room and Zoom Rooms Controller







Meeting list  

Display no subject meetings ✔ 
Hide host and meeting ID from private meetings ✔ 


Download and install app    
Install with MSI      
Multiple language support  

Sign in / sign out

Sign in with work email
Sign in with Google service account  ✔  ✔   

Start / Join / End / Leave meeting     

Start/Join a meeting ✔  ✔ 
Waiting room    
Start a meeting by inviting contacts  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Start a meeting by inviting room system  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Start/Join a telephone only meeting ✔ 
Auto start/end scheduled meetings  
Dial H.323/SIP meeting  

Meeting history     

Meeting history with meeting ID ✔   
Meeting history with vanity URL  ✔   

In-meeting controls

Join assigned breakout room ✔  ✔   
Assign participants to breakout rooms        

In-meeting sharing  

Laptop sharing ✔ 
Direct sharing with sharing code  ✔ 
Direct sharing with ultrasonic proximity signal  ✔ 
Airplay sharing  ✔     
HDMI sharing  ✔ 
Camera sharing ✔  ✔   
Whiteboard sharing with Kaptivo device  ✔     
Multiple simultaneous shares  ✔   
Companion whiteboard ✔     
Receive and display Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive files    


Phone call out with audio conferencing plan ✔ 
Change phone call out to meeting  ✔ 
SIP call out 
SIP call in  ✔   
Multi-protocol support  ✔     
PBX call in/call out
Formatted PBX numbers  ✔   
SIP or PBX 3-way calling  ✔   
SIP or PBX call transfer  ✔   
Change PBX call to meeting  ✔     
Call history   


Mute/unmute all 
Mute/Unmute one participant  ✔ 
Mute on entry  ✔ 
Toggle participants' ability to mute/unmute  ✔   
Software audio processing ✔   
Multi MXL microphone support ✔     
Multi XLR microphone support ✔     
Support for Dante virtual microphones ✔  ✔     


Far end camera control  ✔   
Local camera control  ✔ 
Enable/disable mirroring  ✔ 
Camera presets  ✔   
Intelligent camera support  
Far end and local PTZ support with serial port PTZ cameras    ✔     
Camera speed control for absolute cameras     
1080p video and video share  ✔  ✔    ✔ 
Virtual background with green screen    
Multiple camera support (switching between cameras)  


Invite by contacts  ✔ 
Invite by email  ✔ 
Invite by phone  ✔ 
Invite by room system  ✔ 


Start recording ✔ 
Stop recording ✔ 
Auto recording ✔ 
Allow attendee to record  ✔ 

Meeting views     

Gallery view  ✔ 
Speaker view  ✔ 
Thumbnail view  ✔ 
Show/hide video non-video participants
Swap content  ✔   
Local view    
Spotlight a video
Pin a video ✔ 


View in-meeting chat ✔  ✔   
Raise hand  

Closed captioning     

Enable/disable CC ✔   
Adjust CC font size  ✔   
Manually type CC ✔   
Live transcription  


Display watermark while sharing  ✔   ✔    ✔ 
Display watermark with video  ✔   ✔    ✔ 

Host privileges     

Make participant host ✔ 
Claim host privileges  ✔ 
Make participant co-host  ✔   
Receive co-host privileges  ✔   
Make room alternate host ✔   

Meeting alert      

Upcoming meeting alert before meeting  ✔ 
Upcoming meeting alert during meeting  ✔ 


Join a webinar  ✔   ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Promote to panelist ✔   ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Make participant view only  ✔   ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Side by side mode  ✔   ✔    ✔ 


Avoid Bluetooth audio device  ✔   
Audio device quality issues  ✔   
Low battery on controller  ✔ 
Controller disconnected  ✔ 
High CPU usage  ✔ 
Low network bandwidth  ✔ 
Zoom Room offline  ✔ 
Display disconnected  ✔   
Auto login not configured      


Weekly restart  ✔   ✔
Select day for auto restart  ✔     
Restart Zoom Room from web  ✔   
Restart OS from web ✔   

Digital Signage

Digital signage  ✔ 
Split screen layout  ✔   
Weather widgets on display  ✔   
Background image

Meeting participants 

Sort participants list ✔ 
Display number of participants not on screen ✔ 
Large meeting support ✔ 


Allow participant to annotate  ✔     

Multiple Screens     

Dual screens  ✔   
Triple screens  ✔     


Send problem report  ✔   


Revolabs integration  ✔     
Amazon Alexa integration  ✔     
Polycom Trio 8800  ✔     
Mercury  ✔     
Voxbox  ✔     
Room control for third party devices  


Check-in   ✔  
Auto check-in  ✔   
Release room  ✔   
Delete recurring meetings  ✔   

Calendar integration     

Exchange  ✔ 
OAuth support for O365/Exchange calendar integration  ✔   
Google Calendar

Third-party meeting join     

Webex  ✔   
GoToMeeting ✔   
Skype for Business  
Microsoft Teams  
BlueJeans ✔   
Google Hangout ✔   
One touch join ✔   

Zoom Rooms for Touch

Toggle touch functionality    
Dual displays   ✔     
Shape detecting   ✔   
Multi-page whiteboard   ✔   
Send whiteboard to internal contacts only    ✔  
Save a multi page whiteboard as a single PDF    ✔   ✔ 
Companion whiteboard      
Content sharing with Magewell   ✔   

Contact list

Search contacts/rooms ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Invite by room or contat  ✔ 
Show contact availaibility 
Set room availability status 


Password protected meetings
TSP meeting ✔   
AES-256 GCM Encryption  
Direct share encryption   

Remote management

Avoid Bluetooth audio device    
Usage tracking   
Audio log     
Audio device quality issues   
Low batter on controller 
Controller disconnected 
High CPU usage 
Low network bandwidth 
Zoom Room offline 
Display disconnected     
Auto login not configured      
Weekly restart
Select day for auto restart    
Restart Zoom Room from web  
Restart OS from web