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Education using Zoom Rooms Follow


Zoom Rooms can be utilized for engaging educational scenarios. By augmenting the experience with robust hardware and features, the education scenarios may be elevated to a new level. In distance learning and hybrid designs, we see three different scenarios for distance learning, incorporating existing designs and augmenting them with additional hardware as needed.

See the different Zoom Rooms designs to apply to your education facility.

This article covers:

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Education features

Companion whiteboard


A touch display with computer can be set up as a companion device in the room to allow whiteboarding or content markups via touch.


Whiteboard capture


With Kaptivo, a device is mounted above a physical whiteboard and transmitted over the network as a virtual USB input to the Zoom Room.  With a shared network connection, setup is very simple to start utilizing any existing whiteboard in your Zoom Rooms space.


USB document camera

HoverCam Solo Spark Document Camera | Touchboards

As a shared USB camera, a document camera can be used when reading books or showing physical objects utilizing the sharing capabilities of a Zoom call. This can be done both on the desktop application or in a Zoom Room


Zoom Rooms designs

Here we will show relevant design scenarios for Education. The design will be defined by the use case as well as the physical capacity of the room to accommodate in-person learning as well as distance learning

Social distance

Huddle (2-7 People)


  • 55" Display
  • Neat Bar appliance with Neat Pad controller
  • Built-in high quality mic, camera and speaker
  • Wireless laptop sharing

Touch huddle (2-7 People)


  • Single Device (DTEN D7) 55" display with built-in computer running Zoom Rooms for Touch
  • Built-in high quality mic, camera and speaker
  • Wireless laptop sharing with markup via the touch screen
  • Touch whiteboarding

ProAV production studio (2-5 People)


  • Dual 65" display design
  • Professional camera with fixed shot and (optional) green screen
  • Professional ceiling microphone with soundbar


ProAV hybrid classroom 


  • Medium to large classroom size
  • Focused presenter audio (Lavalier & Handheld)
  • Open room mics for Q&A
  • Confidence monitors with associated presenter camera
  • Large displays with associated audience camera
  • Ceiling microphones for Q&A