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A Broadcast studio may be set up utilizing Zoom Rooms to broadcast out to a larger audience in corporate or education settings. The space is designed to optimize the audio performance in the space, while giving the presenters an engaging experience with the participants on the Zoom meeting.

First, furniture design will need to take place with soft seating or any desired interior aesthetic that will be desired for the broadcast. This will be very important to convey the broadcast message appropriately based on the materials to present. The base design will consist of a dual screen setup with production-level camera, mounted for an optimal view of the space. A ceiling microphone array and soundbar will function as the audio system with a small DSP for audio processing, leaving a seamless and simple audio setup for the space.

Additionally, a green screen may be set up with the appropriate lighting design to allow virtual background capabilities in your Zoom Rooms.

For broadcast or existing production environments, you can broadcast a Zoom Meeting.

Note: ProAV room requires certified ProAV integrator or Zoom PSO to design and deploy.


This article covers:

Equipment list



Audio components



Room Scheduler (Optional)

Cables and supplies

Bulk supplies

Companion whiteboard


Pictorial diagram


Functional diagram


Architectural diagram