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Requesting a number port (EMEA) Follow


A number port allows you to move a pre-existing number from another carrier to be used on your Zoom Phone account.


  • Local number portability is supported in UK and Europe.
  • Toll-free numbers are only portable in UK and Ireland.
  • We can't port international mobile numbers in EMEA countries.
  • If you have issues during the porting process, see our list of common porting issues and questions.

This article covers:


  • Account owner or admin privileges
  • Zoom Phone license
  • Most recent telephone bill/invoice

Requesting a number port

  1. Download and complete the required Letter of Authorisation (LOA) from the respective country. Download the porting guidelines if you need help
  2. Send an email to Make sure to include the following:
  3. Zoom will review and confirm receipt of the request.
  4. Zoom will send a request to your losing provider to validate the information on the LOA as the transfer request is dependent on your losing provider. If accepted, Zoom and the losing provider will work together to schedule the number port. Once approved, the numbers will be available for you to manage in the Zoom web portal.


  • The information you provide must match exactly what’s on record with your current provider.
  • LOA must be hand/wet signed and dated within the last 3 months. Electronically signed LOAs are not accepted in most EMEA countries.
  • The losing provider's name is required on the LOA.
  • LOA needs to be in EU date format (dd-mm-yyyy).
  • In most European countries, the address noted on the LOA must match the geographic area code of the porting telephone numbers (excluding UK).
  • All porting numbers need to be noted on the body of the LOA rather than as attachments unless otherwise permitted.
  • DDI blocks of numbers may require porting in full as some countries do not allow blocks/ranges of numbers to be split. Refer to the common porting questions for more information.
  • Number portability checks can only be carried out once the order is submitted. There may be times where losing providers advise that numbers as non-portable.
  • You may experience some loss of service to incoming calls during the port activation window whilst the porting numbers are being transferred away from the losing provider.
  • Porting usually takes an average of 30 days from the day of submission. See lead times for more information. 


Use this table to download the LOA form and copy the required email subject when requesting a number port. Check the porting guidelines for the country of port for other required documentation.

Country LOA and guidelines Email subject
Austria Geo LOA
(only one porting number per LOA)
Porting guidelines
AT GEO number port 
Belgium Geo LOA (French)
Geo LOA (Dutch)
Porting guidelines
BE GEO number port
Bulgaria Geo LOA

See additional requirements
BE GEO number port
Croatia Geo LOA

See additional requirements
HR GEO number port
Czech Republic Geo LOA CZ GEO number port
Denmark Geo LOA
Porting guidelines
DK GEO number port 
Estonia Geo LOA

See additional requirements
EE GEO number port 
Finland Geo LOA FI GEO number port 
France Geo LOA
Porting guidelines
FR GEO number port 
Germany Geo LOA
Porting guidelines

See additional requirements
DE GEO number port
Greece Geo LOA

See additional requirements
GR GEO number port
Hungary Geo LOA HU GEO number port
Italy Geo LOA
Porting guidelines

See additional requirements
IT GEO number port
Ireland Geo LOA
Non-geo LOA
Porting guidelines
IRE GEO number port
IRE Non-GEO number port
Lithuania Geo LOA

See additional requirements
LT GEO number port
Luxembourg Geo LOA

See additional requirements
LU GEO number port
Netherlands Geo LOA
Porting guidelines
NL GEO number port
Norway Geo LOA NO GEO number port
Poland Geo LOA
Porting guidelines

See additional requirements
PL GEO number port
Portugal Geo LOA

See additional requirements
PT GEO number port
Romania Geo LOA
Porting guidelines

See additional requirements
RO GEO number port
Slovakia Geo LOA SK GEO number port
Slovenia Geo LOA SI GEO number port
Spain Geo LOA (EN)
Geo LOA (ES)
Porting guidelines
ES GEO number port
Sweden Geo LOA SE GEO number port
Switzerland Geo LOA (DE)
Geo LOA (FR)
Geo LOA (IT)
Porting guidelines
CH GEO number port
United Kingdom Geo LOA
Freephone LOA

(0800/0808 only)
UK GEO number port
UK Freephone number port


Additional requirements/documents


The Bulgarian Registration Number is mandatory for customers based in Bulgaria.


Required company documents:

  • Copy of Court Registration
  • Copy of legal representative's photo ID

Required residential documents:

  • Copy of end user's photo ID

Other requirements:

  • OIB (VAT) number of the end user is compulsory


LOA template has to include a local address. If a company, a business number is required.


Proof of registration is required. LOA must be hand signed and stamped with the company stamp. If you don't have a company stamp, provide a letter stating you approve the porting of the numbers in the porting form. Attach this in the same PDF as the porting form.


Required company documents

  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of LOA signatory´s photo ID/Passport

Required residential documents

  • Copy of end user's photo ID/Passport


  • VAT number and local address is needed on the LOA.
  • For companies, a business number is required.


The account number is mandatory.


The secret code (or migration code) is required on all ports. This can be obtained from the current provider. This can be emailed to us and does not need to be noted on the LOA.

Note: Port requests cannot be altered (cancelled/changed) once accepted.


Hard copies of LOA in Polish, hand signed by customer, have to be sent to Zooms’ vendor.


  • Certificate of Registry w copy of ID card or Power of Attorney
  • Triparty Agreement (required only when the end customer is not the same as the Colt customer)
  • A copy of Certidão de Registo Comercial (commercial registry certificate) and ID card for signature validation or a Declaration of Power of Attorney – proving that the signature is legally recognised and that the person or persons who signs has the power to act according to the Certidão de Registo Comercial.
  • Due to legal reasons it is mandatory to send the original signed porting form to our Lisbon office:
    Elsa Abreu
    Colt Technology Services
    Estrada da Outurela, 118 - Parque Holanda, Edificio B1
    2790-114 Carnaxide, Portugal


The contract number required.

Lead times

Lead times for all EMEA ports are dependent on the regulatory requirements in the country of port and the responsiveness of the suppliers in the chain. The process is also dependent on the accuracy of the information provided. We will always keep you advised of progress.

Note: On the day of transfer You may experience some loss of service to incoming calls during the port activation window while the numbers are being ported from the losing supplier. Porting can take place sooner or later than the lead times quoted.


For Local numbers with area codes that start with 01 and 02, lead times are an average of 30 business days.

For Freephone numbers with codes starting 0800 or 0808, lead times are a minimum of 30 business days. This can take longer if resellers are involved in the chain.


Average lead time is 30 to 60 business days. This may also depend on any contractual obligations with your losing provider.