Getting started with Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service

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With Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service (HaaS), you can deploy a world-class communications experience with a variety of subscription options for phone hardware. You can scale phones with budget-friendly hardware options and simple technology upgrades at an affordable, fixed monthly price.

Follow this guide if you're an admin that purchased HaaS devices and want to assign them to users. Phone users can also use this guide to sign in to a HaaS device and find more information about the device. If you have a Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS device, see the relevant getting started guide.

This article contains:

Prerequisites for getting started with Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

  • Zoom Phone license

Zoom Phone HaaS devices

The following are Zoom Phone HaaS devices. Click the links to learn more about each product and view documentation:




Zoom Phone Appliance



How to assign a HaaS device to a phone user (admin)

After purchasing a Zoom Phone HaaS device, it will be automatically provisioned to the account. It will appear as an unassigned device in the web portal.

There are three ways to assign the device to a phone user:


  • HaaS devices will use the default display name for desk phone (Desk Phone).
  • HaaS devices will have a (HaaS) label after the display name for easy identification.
  • If you have multiple sites, the devices will belong to the site they were shipped to.
  • If the phone user belongs to a different site than the original site, the device will be moved to the same site as the phone user.
  • You can't manually remove HaaS devices from the Zoom web portal.

How to sign in to a HaaS device's web interface (admin)


Select advanced as the user name and enter the admin password set in the Zoom web portal.

Note: For the Poly D230 and Edge B20, use the following URLs to sign in as user with the admin password set in the web portal. 
http://<Edge B20-IP-Address>/user/


Enter advanced as the user name and enter the admin password set in the Zoom web portal.

How to activate a HaaS device (phone user)

You can activate a Zoom Phone HaaS device to assign it to yourself. This requires your extension number and voicemail PIN.


  • You can find your extension number and voicemail PIN in the Zoom Phone welcome email or in your Zoom Phone settings (PIN Code setting). You can also ask your Zoom Phone admin for this information or to resend the welcome email.
  • The default voicemail PIN is randomly generated. Make sure you change your voicemail PIN after activating your device. 
  • If you try to sign in to an assigned device, Zoom Phone will play an audio prompt to let you know the device will be unassigned. After the device is resynced and unassigned from the previous user, follow the steps below to assign it to yourself.
  1. Connect the desk phone to an Ethernet connection using the provided Ethernet cable. If your network does not have power over Ethernet (PoE), connect and plug in the power adapter.
    Your phone will automatically power up and download the latest firmware.
  2. Wait for your phone to boot up and display the home screen.
  3. Sign in using one of these methods:
    • Press the Sign In on the phone's home screen.
    • Dial and and call *90. Learn more about DTMF codes.
  4. Follow the audio prompts to enter your extension number and voicemail PIN.
  5. Change your voicemail PIN in your Zoom Phone settings. Look for the PIN Code setting.

General guides for HaaS devices

To get acquainted with your new device, visit these resources:




You can also visit the product page for your device.

Troubleshooting guides for HaaS

If you’re experiencing issues with a device, visit these resources. Some troubleshooting steps require you to have admin access to the device.

Note: If you’re still experiencing issues with a HaaS device, please contact support.

How to return or replace a HaaS device

If you're experiencing issues with your device or you'd like to end your rental, learn how to return or exchange your device.

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