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For home office use, we recommend a few different options to allow a seamless Zoom Rooms experience based on what works best for your personal setup and desired experience. A Zoom Room in your home office will provide a dedicated hardware experience without the need for a mouse & keyboard. Please read the Zoom Rooms Getting Started Guide to learn more.

Recommended system designs:

All-in-one Desktop Device Setup


The Zoom Rooms for touch can be a small all-in-one touch device that allows a full interface as an additional display on your office desk. The full Zoom experience is accessible with a clean touch-only interface (no mouse/keyboard) and the added benefit of touch-based whiteboarding and content markup.

Equipment List

Equivalent to Private Space (Up to 3 People)

TV Display Setup


For a clean desk experience, a new or existing TV can be utilized with a Neat or Poly appliance for a built-in computer, mic, speaker, and camera, while a PoE-powered controller on the desk handles all control interfacing. This creates an easy tap-to-join meeting experience with all Zoom Rooms features, extracting the Zoom functionality from the desktop experience while allowing them to be easily integrated.

Equipment List

Equivalent to Huddle Space (Up to 7 People)

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