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Home office (1-2 people)

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For home office use, we recommend a few different options to allow a seamless Zoom Rooms experience based on what works best for your personal setup and desired experience. A Zoom Room in your home office will provide a dedicated hardware experience without the need for a mouse & keyboard. Please read the Zoom Rooms Getting Started Guide to learn more.

Recommended system designs:

Room Install: DIY
Room Size: 1-2 people

All-in-one setups


The Zoom Rooms for touch can be a small all in one touch device that allows a full interface as an additional display on your office desk. The full Zoom experience is accessible with a clean touch-only interface (no mouse/keyboard) and the added benefit of touch-based whiteboarding and content markup.


All-in-one device options


Controller and related accessories (optional)

TV Display Setups


For a clean desk experience, a new or existing TV can be utilized with a Neat or Poly appliance for built-in computer, mic, speaker, and camera, while a PoE-powered controller on the desk handles all control interfacing. This creates an easy tap-to-join meeting experience with all Zoom Rooms features, extracting the Zoom functionality from the desktop experience while allowing them to be easily integrated.


Note: Neat products are available as a direct sale at Other products are available through Think Fast Track and other resellers


Zoom Rooms Appliance

TV Mount

Cables and supplies

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