Release notes for May 9, 2020

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New updates for Web

Changes to existing features

  • Updated password and security settings for free and basic accounts
    To provide additional security and privacy for Zoom meetings and webinars, we are updating our default password settings for free and basic accounts. Zoom will require passwords for meetings and webinars, including previously scheduled events. Additionally, Waiting Room will be enabled by default for Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and screen sharing will be limited to “host only” by default. Learn more.
  • Enhanced privacy on the Zoom Rooms page
    The Room passcode will now be masked with asterisks (*). Full details will only be shown when the user explicitly clicks on the “show” option.

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Associated (managed) domain enhancements
      Managed domains have now been renamed associated domains. Account owners and admins can now choose if they want to have unassociated existing Zoom accounts automatically join their account or be forced to change the email address associated with the account or delete the account entirely. Additionally, once an associated domain is added, the owner can choose to send notifications to any existing Zoom accounts with email addresses at that associated domain telling them that they must take action.
    • Setting to Save meetings and webinar recordings as WORM (Write Once, Read Many) state
      Account owners and admins can now add a web setting to save meetings and webinar recordings as WORM (Write Once, Read Many) state and configure a retention time range. By enabling this setting, the recordings cannot be edited or deleted until the specific retention time expires. This setting is available at the account level and is off by default. Contact Zoom Support to have this feature enabled.
    • Enhancements for Dashboard
      The data center will now be listed at the individual attendee level in Dashboard.
    • Complexity requirements for voicemail PINs
      Account owners and admins can require voicemail PINs to meet complexity requirements. For example, the PIN can’t contain the user’s extension, repeated digits, a sequence of numbers, or numbers dialed in a straight line on the keypad.
    • Security disclaimer for contact center integration
      Accounts owners and admins will see a disclaimer when adding a contact center partner that doesn’t support TLS/sRTP.
    • Disclaimer for caller ID name
      Account owners and admins will see a disclaimer when changing the account’s or site’s caller ID name. The disclaimer states: “Caller ID name will be applied to US/CA toll numbers. This is a ‘best effort’ service with limitations.”
  • User features
    • Privacy disclaimer for emergency address
      Users will see a disclaimer when adding an emergency address. The disclaimer states: “This address will be shared with your account’s administrator(s). In the event of a 911 call, it may be shared with the Public Safety Answering Point and with members of the account’s Internal Safety Response Team.”
  • Developer Features
    • Added new API RateLimiter response headers.
      • X-RateLimit-Category
      • X-RateLimit-Type
    • Added a new field(“password_requirement”) in Account Settings APIs that shows the enhanced password rules set for a Zoom login password.
      • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/settings
      • PATCH /v2/accounts/{accountId}/settings
    • Enhanced the validation of user password to follow the password rule settings enabled on Account Security settings.
      If an admin has set enhanced password rules, the password field in the following APIs must meet those requirements. The requirements can be retrieved from the password_requirement field that will be available in the response of Get Account Settings API.
      • POST /v2/users
      • PUT /v2/users/{userId}/password
      • POST /v2/accounts

Bug fixes

  • Resolves an issue where the Outlook add-in was not working on shared calendars
  • Fixed a bug that prevented these two fields(“contact_name”, “contact_email”) from being updated when using the Update a Webinar API.
    • PATCH /v2/webinars/{webinarId}
  • Fixed the issue where the field(“last name”) last name was previously set as a required field instead of optional in the Add a Webinar Registrant API.
    • POST /v2/webinar/{webinarId}/registrants
  • Fixed the issue where wrong value was being returned for the “custom_data_center_regions” field when calling Get Account Lock Settings API.
    • GET /accounts/{accountId}/lock_settings
  • Minor bug fixes

New updates for Meeting Connector


Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

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