Release notes for May 20, 2020

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New updates for Web

Changes to existing features

  • New default screen sharing settings for accounts with single Pro licenses
    Accounts with single Pro licenses will now have the screen sharing setting Who can share? defaulted to Host Only. The meeting host will be able to change this setting in their meeting settings or during the meeting in progress, from the Security icon.
  • Temporary removal of GIPHY feature in Chat
    To ensure strong privacy protection for the users of GIPHY on Zoom Chat, Zoom is disabling the GIPHY integration on May 21, 2020. Once additional technical measures have been deployed, we will re-enable the feature.

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Setting to require a password for Personal Audio Conference
      Account owners and admins can now enable a setting to require a password for Personal Audio Conferences. This setting is available at the account and group and can be locked at the account or group level. This setting will be visible at the user level so that users can see if it is enabled for their Personal Audio Conferences.
  • User features
    • Setting to allow participants to join from multiple devices for meetings with registration
      If registration is enabled for a meeting, the host can now choose if they want to allow participants to join from multiple devices. This is under the Registration Options in the meeting details.
  • Developer features
    • Added support for private recordings to be downloaded using OAuth access token.
      • Account-Level Apps will need “recording:read:admin, recording:write:admin, recording:parent” scopes.
      • User-Level Apps will need “recording:read, recording:write” scopes.
      • A user with recording management permission can view private recordings recorded by another user in the same account.
    • Added a new field (show_previous_occurrences) to Get a Meeting API.
      • GET /meetings/{meetingId}
    • Added a new field(waiting_room) in Account Settings and Lock Settings APIs.
      • GET /accounts/{accountId}/settings
      • PATCH /accounts/{accountId}/settings
      • GET /accounts/{accountId}/lock_settings
      • PATCH /accounts/{accountId}/lock_settings
    • Added new fields (guest_only_to_place_in_waiting_room,auto_admit_participants_with_specified_domains,admit_participants_with_specified_domains) in Account, Group, User Settings APIs.
      • GET /accounts/{accountId}/settings
      • PATCH /accounts/{accountId}/settings
      • GET /groups/{groupId}/settings
      • PATCH /groups/{groupId}/settings
      • GET /users/{userId}/settings
      • PATCH /users/{userId}/settings
    • Added new fields(room_connector_list,meeting_connector_list) in Create a Sub Account and Update Account Options APIs.
      • POST /accounts
      • PATCH /accounts/{accountId}/options

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where unknown was shown for a user’s type in Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where .zip files downloaded from Reports and Dashboard would not open with certain programs
  • Fixed an issue where a subset of meetings requested the password when it was embedded in the invite link
  • Fixed an issue where “password” was not being auto-generated even when “Require a Password When Scheduling New Meetings” option was turned on for free accounts in the case where “Create a Meeting API” was being called using PMI without a “password” field.
    • POST /users/{userId}/meetings
  • Fixed the issue where SIP Trunk related plans were not being displayed in the response of Get Plans API.
    • GET /accounts/{accountId}/plans
  • Fixed the issue where the same email address was being used for two different user IDs.
    • POST /users
  • Minor bug fixes

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