Release notes for May 17, 2020

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New updates for the Zoom client

For full notes including version numbers, please see the operating system release notes. 
Windows | macOS | Linux | iOS* | Android

*The iOS release requires Apple approval and may take a few additional days to appear in the App Store. 

Changes to existing features

  • New default screen sharing settings for accounts with single Pro licenses - Windows, macOS, Linux iOS, Android
    Accounts with single Pro licenses will now have the screen sharing setting Who can share? defaulted to Host Only. The meeting host will be able to change this setting in their meeting settings or during the meeting in progress, from the Security icon.
  • Language Interpretation flag icon will be replaced by language abbreviation - Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
    The icon next to the interpreted language will now list the language abbreviation, instead of a flag.
  • Require consent if the host mutes and then unmutes a participant - Windows, macOS, Linux iOS, Android
    If the host mutes and then unmutes a participant individually, the participant will now receive a prompt, asking them to consent to be unmuted.
  • Remove Unmute All option - Windows, macOS, Linux iOS, Android
    The option to unmute all participants at once has been removed since participants now always have to consent when the host unmutes them. By default, participants can unmute themselves. The host can now enable or disable the setting to allow participants to unmute themselves from the Security icon, which can also be found in the Participants panel.

New and enhanced features

  • Meeting features
    • Access meeting information when screensharing - Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android
      Participants can now access the meeting information, such as meeting ID and password, when sharing their screen. This information can be accessed from the toolbar, under the More option.
    • New ringtone for Waiting Room and when participants join or leave a meeting - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
      They will hear a new chime when a participant has entered the Waiting Room or when a participant joins or leaves the meeting if the meeting host has the setting Play sound when participants join or leave enabled.
  • Chat features
    • Re-enable third-party file sharing in chat - iOS, Android
      Users will be able to share files in chat from third-party platforms, including OneDrive, Google Drive and Box if configured for their Zoom account.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where Virtual Background did not work with some AMD processors - Windows
  • Minor bug fixes

New updates for the Outlook plug-in

For full notes including the version number, please see the operating system release notes

Changes to existing features

  • Updated wording for the Invite Link - Windows, macOS
    The link that can be shared to join a Zoom meeting will now be called an “Invite Link” throughout the user interface. Previously, this may have been called a join URL, meeting link, invitation link, or invitation link.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes - Windows, macOS

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