Always-on reception / service desk

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For companies that wish to create a contactless person to person experience, we recommend a dual endpoint environment, involving a DTEN D7 and DTEN Me, always connected. This design creates physical barriers between humans for any normally face to face experience. The visitor can now correspond with people inside of the building from an external location such as a lobby or other pre-determined location.

For a touch-control experience with advanced receptionist capabilities, please check out the Virtual Receptionist Kiosk for Zoom Rooms


Use cases include:

  • Reception
  • Shipping & receiving
  • IT helpdesk
  • Food service
  • Point of sale
  • Medical appointment check-in


  1. Set up your Zoom Rooms with Calendar Integration (Google | Exchange 2010 | Exchange 2013/2016 | Office 365).
  2. Set up a recurring meeting set to Automatically Start & Stop with the needed time frames.
  3. Disable screen sharing
    • Depending on account settings, enable on internal system or disable on external system Alternative Host
    • Disable participant screen sharing for the recurring meeting to avoid any content sharing on the external system

Expected workflow:

  1. Visitor enters the lobby, greeted by virtual receptionist
  2. Receptionist validates necessary protection (ie. face mask)
  3. Visitor states the internal contact that they are in the office to see
  4. Receptionist invites the contact into the Zoom Meeting, validating the visitor
  5. Visitor waits in the lobby or other external location for contact to let them into the office

Equipment List (Lobby/External System)

All in One

Cables & Supplies

D7 Rolling Cart (Optional)

Equipment List (Reception/Internal System)

All In One Zoom Room options


External Microphone (Optional; Not available for Appliance)


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