Release notes for May 30, 2020

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New updates for Web

Changes to existing features

  • AES 256-bit GCM encryption
    Zoom is upgrading to the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard, which offers increased protection of your meeting data in transit and resistance against tampering. GCM encryption requires Zoom client or Zoom Rooms version 5.0 to join any meeting. Learn more.

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Setting to save screen sharing and whiteboard annotations
      Account owners and admins can now enable or disable a setting to save screen sharing and whiteboard annotations. This setting is enabled by default. It is available at the account, group, and user level and can be locked at the account or group level.
  • Web client features
    • Report a user during a meeting
      The meeting host can now report a user during a meeting by clicking on the Security icon, then Report. This feature will generate a report which will be sent to the Zoom Trust and Safety team to evaluate any misuse of the platform and block a user if necessary. 
    • Require consent if the host mutes and then unmutes a participant
      If the host mutes and then unmutes a participant individually, the participant will now receive a prompt, asking them to consent to be unmuted. 
  • Developer Features
    • Added a new API to get Call Queue Recordings
      • GET /v2/phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}/recordings
    • Added new APIs for Shared Line Group Management
      • POST /v2/phone/shared_line_groups
      • PATCH /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLingGroupId}
      • GET /v2/phone/shared_line_groups
      • GET /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}
      • DELETE /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}
      • POST /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}/members
      • DELETE /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}/members/{memberId}
      • DELETE /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}/members
      • POST /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}/phone_numbers
      • DELETE /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}/phone_numbers/{phoneNumberId}
      • DELETE /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}
    • Added a new API for Auto Receptionist Management
      • POST /v2/phone/auto_receptionists
    • Added a new field(“show_previous_occurrences”) to Get a Webinar API.
      • GET /webinars/{webinarId}
    • Added new response field(“next_page_token”) to replace page_number for the following APIs:
      • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/call_logs
      • GET /v2/phone/call_logs
      • GET /v2/phone/user/{userId}/recordings
      • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/voice_mails
    • Added a new response field(“country”) to the List Sites And Get a Site APIs
      • GET /v2/phone/sites
      • GET /v2/phone/sites/{siteId}
    • Added a new response field(“calling_plans”) to the List Users API
      • GET /v2/phone/users
    • Added a new response field(“site_admin”) to the Get A User Profile API
      • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}

Resolved issues

  • Removed “Duplicate Key” error that was returned incorrectly while using the following APIs:
    • GET /v2/chat/users/me/contacts
    • GET /v2/chat/channels/{channelId}/members
  • Fixed a bug that caused “No permission” error when account owners were trying to update their own meeting recording settings.
    • PATCH /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/settings
  • Minor bug fixes

New updates for Zoom Rooms for Windows

For full notes including version numbers, please see the operating system release notes.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where the network connection was lost for a subset of devices that had previously upgraded to version 5.0.2

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