Inter/Intra Office System

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To reduce foot traffic or unneeded face to face contact, consider adding an always-on dual Zoom Rooms system either wall or cart mounted within your environment. Grouping together these office systems into appropriate groups will create a cohesive culture by creating a virtual experience between departments, floors, buildings, and regions. Throughout an office environment, the window into another physical space can create more casual conversation and virtual run-ins with people within your organization to create a sense of a smaller space and opportunity for a walk-up meeting or hallway visit experience.


Use cases include:

  • Water cooler communications
  • Inter-office communications
  • Walk-up services
  • Touchless interactions


  1. Set up your Zoom Rooms with Calendar Integration (Google | Exchange 2010 | Exchange 2013/2016 | Office 365).
  2. Set up a recurring meeting set to Automatically Start & Stop with the needed time frames.
  3. [Optional] Disable Sharing
    1. Disable Alternative Host
    2. Disable participant screen sharing

Equipment List (Lobby/External System)

All in One

Cables & Supplies

D7 Rolling Cart (Optional)


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