Opting out of Zoom Phone SMS

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Zoom Phone has the ability to integrate with your current SMS provider.

Note: By opting out of Zoom for hosted SMS, any and all future SMS inquiries should be sent to the relevant third party. Once you have opted your numbers out of Zoom SMS, Zoom can no longer assist with SMS troubleshooting.

Prerequisites for opting out of Zoom Phone SMS

  • Account owner or admin privileges
  • Zoom Phone license

How to opt out of Zoom Phone SMS

  1. Email numberporting@zoom.us and detail the following;
    • Subject line: Opt out of Zoom Phone SMS to third party provider
    • Phone numbers that you would like to enable
    • NNID (Net Number ID) of your SMS provider. You will need to obtain this prior to opening a ticket with Zoom.
    • Signed LOA from your new SMS provider (contact your provider for the LOA)
    • Include the following verbiage:
      I (insert your name) authorize the SMS to be disabled from our Zoom Phone account and released to the provider of my choosing.
  2. Once the email is sent, a member of the porting team will confirm receipt and advise once work has been completed.

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