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Hybrid classroom / cart Follow


For an inclusive classroom Zoom experience, allowing seamless communication across in-class or home teachers or students, we recommend a dual display cart, leveraging a Neat bar mounted between the displays.  This allows for an optimized video participant experience, while maintaining a dedicated content experience as well and also transmitting the classroom experience from an optimized capture location to involve everyone in the classroom.  Using a Chief cart with some associated accessories along with a Neat appliance system and two displays, the walls of the classroom are expanded upon, allowing remote presentations and virtual field trips as well as a remote student audience.  Zoom Rooms for Education shows some additional designs and use cases, including companion whiteboards, whiteboard camera capture and sharing document cameras.


This article covers:



Cart System

Appliance System options

Document camera (optional)

Companion whiteboard (optional)




Pictorial diagram



Preferred layouts




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