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Hybrid classroom Follow


For a DIY hybrid learning experience, we recommend the DTEN D7 55" as the primary system, while outputting video to a secondary display in the back of the room for video participants to feel part of the class.  A Logitech Meetup will be mounted above the video participants for camera and speaker functionality, providing a visual and auditory experience as if they are in the space. The camera may be switched to the DTEN D7 for a view of the classroom. A Catchbox Plus system will be used for presenter audio into the system. A document camera with USB extension may be added to allow shared content to go out from the document camera as well as be shown on the 55" when in use.


This article covers:



Zoom Rooms system

Student video system (optional)

Presenter audio (optional)


Controller and accessories (optional)

Document camera (optional)


  • DTEN set up as content display with touch
  • Second display output set as video participants
  • Logitech Meetup as mic/camera/speaker for far end experience
    • Replace mic input with Catchbox if desired for better presenter audio

Pictorial diagram


Functional diagram