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With Zoom Hardware as a Service (HaaS), customers can deploy a world-class communications experience with a variety of subscription options for meeting room hardware. Zoom customers will be able to scale video conference rooms with budget-friendly hardware options and simple technology upgrades at an affordable, fixed monthly price.

This article covers:


  • ZDM
  • HaaS subscription

Supported devices

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X30, X50


Neat Bar + Pad, Neat Pad


55", 75"

Purchasing and activating devices

After purchasing a HaaS device, it will be automatically registered with ZDM. When it arrives, the device will need an activation code to link it to a Zoom Room that you have created or you can use a deployment code to set up multiple devices. You may also need to pair a controller device with a computer device depending on the make of the devices. 

General guides

To get acquainted with Zoom Rooms, visit these resources:


If you’re experiencing issues with a HaaS device, visit these resources:

Note: If you’re still experiencing issues with a HaaS device, please contact support.

Returning or replacing a device

If you're experiencing issues with your device or you'd like to end your rental, learn how to return or exchange your device.

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