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ProAV hybrid classroom Follow


Zoom Rooms can work with new or existing ProAV equipment. For a professional classroom or higher education learning space that sits 30 or more people, we recommend two Shure wireless microphones (one lavalier and one handheld) plus two Shure ceiling microphone arrays for seamless audience engagement along with a QSC amplifier, QSC ceiling speakers and a QSC Digital Signal Processor that connects to the Zoom Rooms computer.

The environment will be a two-output environment distributed throughout the space with two 86" primary displays, and two 55" pole-mounted confidence monitors showing the same content and video participants.

The audience-facing camera will be mounted above the video participants on the primary wall and the presenter-facing presenter tracking camera will be mounted below the confidence monitors to encourage eye contact with the far-end participants. The wireless presenter microphones will be the primary audio for voice lift in the space and Zoom input audio. Any class questions or comments will be captured by the ceiling microphones to be heard by the participants on Zoom. Audio from the far end and content share will be heard over ceiling mounted speakers.

Standard design augmentation will include a paired digital whiteboard for annotation and a USB document camera connected to the Zoom Room to be shared as content.

Neat Pad will function as touch controller and scheduler.



This article covers:


Primary displays

Confidence monitors

Cameras and accessories

Video distribution

Network switches

Audio components

Computer and accessories


Scheduler (optional)

Companion whiteboard and doc cam (Optional)

Cables and supplies

Bulk supplies


Pictorial diagram


Technical documentation downloads

Room Controls

This system is wired for room control capabilities to turn displays in the system on/off to align with operation times as well as microphone LED control to align with mute sync status, which eliminates the need to use HID through Q-Sys. USB network adapter on the Zoom Room, as well as all displays and microphones, must be set with static IP addresses on the AV subnet.