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Requesting a number port (South America / LATAM) Follow


A number port allows you to move a pre-existing number from another carrier to be used on your Zoom Phone account.


  • Local number portability is currently supported in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Chile.
    Country Toll-free Local
    Brazil Yes Yes
    Mexico Yes Yes
    Peru No Yes
    Chile No Yes**
  • Porting is not yet supported in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Panama, but new numbers are available to order.

This article covers:


  • Account owner or admin privileges
  • Zoom Phone license
  • Most recent telephone bill/invoice

Requesting a number port

  1. Download and complete the required Letter of Authorisation (LOA) from the respective country.
    • See the porting guidelines if you need help.
    • If you currently have POC (proof of concept) or trial numbers and would like to swap them when the port completes, please complete the Number Swap Sheet. Numbers swapped in will be a like for like replacement of the numbers swapped out.
  2. Send an email to Make sure to include the following:
  3. Zoom will review and confirm receipt of the request.
  4. Zoom will send a request to your losing provider to validate the information on the LOA as the transfer request is dependent on your losing provider. If accepted, Zoom and the losing provider will work together to schedule the number port. Once approved, the numbers will be available for you to manage in the Zoom web portal.


  • The information you provide must match exactly what’s on record with your current provider.
  • LOA must be hand/wet signed and dated within the last 3 months. Electronically signed LOAs are not accepted in most LATAM countries.
  • The losing provider's name is required on the LOA.
  • Number portability checks can only be carried out once the order is submitted. There may be times where losing providers advise that numbers as non-portable.
  • You may experience some loss of service to incoming calls during the port activation window whilst the porting numbers are being transferred away from the losing provider.
  • Porting usually takes an average of 30 days from the day of submission.


Country LOA and guidelines Email subject


See additional requirements.

Brazil number port 


See additional requirements.

Chile number port


See additional requirements.

Mexico number port 


See additional requirements.

Peru number port 


Additional requirements


Required documentation:

  • Last invoice from the current local service provider.


Only numbers from Movistar can be ported.


Required documentation - please complete and send only the Spanish Documents:

  • Notarized Designation document or Notarized Power of attorney. See examples in English or Spanish. This is a requirement by the Mexican Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. Notarization is 100% required.
  • Valid ID (Country National Identity document or Passport) of the Notarized Designation document or Notarized Power of attorney signer. ID needs to be of local employee.
  • Temporary transfer letter complete with local address (Non US). See examples in English or Spanish.

Additional notes:

  • If you are NOT paying a Mexican Telco for your services, and are paying a third party US reseller:
    • Documents will either need to be completed by that third party, and include that third party's POA and respective ID.
    • Alternatively the third party will need to confirm the port within the initial 24-hour submittal window.


DNI (National Identity Document) of LOA signer is required for porting.

Once a porting dates given, porting will be executed in a 6 hours working time frame (max of 3 hours downtime). It is recommended that porting not be scheduled for a Friday or Holiday.