Release notes for August 9, 2020

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New updates for Web

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator Features
    • Standardized naming of Zoom Rooms devices
      Standardized naming will now be applied to Zoom Room devices in the web portal.
    • Setting to require Zoom Rooms devices to be MDM managed
      Account owners and admins can now require all Zoom Rooms devices to be MDM managed. Devices which are not MDM managed will not be able to sign in. 
  • Developer Features
    • Added a new field(“custom_attributes”) to User Updated event.
      • user.updated
    • Added a new field(“include_fields”) to the request body of List Users API.
      • GET /v2/users
    • Added a new response field(“custom_attributes”) to the request body of List Users API.
      • GET /v2/users
    • Added a new field(“callout_countries”) that allows a Master account to set Zoom Phone BYOC call-out countries for a Sub account.
      • POST /accounts/{accountId}/plans
      • POST /accounts/{accountId}/plans/addons
      • PUT /accounts/{accountId}/plans/addons
      • GET /accounts/{accountId}/plans

Resolved Issues

  • Fixes an issue were a subset of accounts were unable to downgrade their number of licenses
  • Fixed a bug that caused internal plan code to be displayed in the response body of Get Plan Usage API call.
    • GET /accounts/{accountId}/plans/usage
  • Minor bug fixes

New updates for Zoom Connector for Cisco/Polycom

Changes to existing features

  • Password changed to Passcode for Meetings, Webinars, and Recordings
    Meeting passwords will now be called Passcodes. This includes Room Meeting IDs as well as protected recordings.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements

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