Firmware Update Guidelines

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These Guidelines are for the use of our VoIP endpoint firmware management. Please read carefully before proceeding:

  • Zoom Phone is not responsible for any malfunctions or potential issues caused by the firmware customizations, or if the end-user does not follow the policies for Zoom Phone VoIP endpoint firmware management rules and requirements.
  • Zoom Phone support/ engineering services will not provide support for end user(s) that use their own customize firmware(s).
  • Zoom Phone VoIP endpoints’ auto-pulling policy will be applied to the new firmware management. All the automatic upgrades will occur during non-working hours to minimize disruption and to ensure the upgrade process is as resilient as possible.
  • The end-user may elect to remain with or use the most previous certified firmware version. In such instances, Zoom Phone Support will provide the following services:
    a. Syslog / debug log reviewing;
    b. PCAP file reviewing;
    c. Root configs checking.
  • However, Zoom Phone does not guarantee the resolution of any problems or issues that might arise or have occurred on or as a result of the previous version.
  • The end-user acknowledges and agrees that Zoom Phone must enforce the firmware upgrade if the current deployed version has issues/bugs relating to security vulnerabilities or impacting basic call functions.
  • The timing and scope of firmware upgrades, including, without limitation, new feature releases, minor bug fixes, or major bug fixes, is highly varied. As a result, there is no fixed time period or set schedule for Zoom Phone to release new firmware.
  • Firmware version updates are communicated in Zoom Phone Release notes and Zoom Phone support pages. The Zoom Phone Web Portal lists the current version provisioned for the Phone Device.
  • Zoom Phone will only support the current version and a maximum of two (2) prior versions for each Vendor/Model of our IP Phone.

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