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Frequently asked questions: being an OnZoom Attendee Follow


This article covers:

Why did I receive an email from OnZoom gifting me a ticket?

Someone purchased a ticket for an OnZoom event and transferred the ticket ownership to you.

How do I join the OnZoom event listed in the ticket?

You can join the event directly from the ticket in the email or by signing into your OnZoom account.

Why did I receive an email saying my ticket is no longer active?

The person who gifted you the ticket transferred the ticket ownership to another person.

How are events separated into the Upcoming, New, and Top User Picks sections?

  • The Upcoming section list the events that will be starting the soonest
  • The New section lists the events that were most recently published to the OnZoom Directory
  • The Top User Picks section lists the events that have been favorited the most by OnZoom users

Why can't I join a series event I registered for?

If you were removed from an event by the Host in an event series, you will not be allowed to join all other events that fall within that event series.