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Zoom Phone End-of-Life (EOL) IP Phone Models Support Policy Follow

Our Hardware manufacturer partners have established their own End-of-Life Policy for their IP Phone models. To assist Zoom customers in transitioning from legacy products to newer technology and next-generation solutions, Zoom has established the End-of-Life Support Policy for these IP Phone models that are in various stages of hardware partners’ End-of-Life Policy.

Zoom End-Of-Life (EOL) Support means Zoom will use reasonable efforts to resolve any features functionality issue on these end-of-life devices with no guarantee that the issue will be resolved to customer’s satisfaction. Zoom EOL Support excludes security patches or security updates. Zoom will provide a level of limited support that may include the following:

  • Devices troubleshooting
  • Devices configuration review
  • Devices logging analysis

Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

  • There is absolutely no guarantee that EOL Support will resolve issues to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Zoom will follow the manufacturer’s EOL policy after the manufacturer ceases firmware releases.
  • Manufacturer EOL devices will be supported on Zoom features to the extent of - and “as is” at - their final firmware release.
  • Zoom will continue to support the EOL models for additional 5 years after the manufacturer announced End of Service support of certain models.
  • After 5 years, Zoom Phone will not remove the existing EOL devices from the end user portal but all the technical support will be discontinued.
  • Support is only available to the customer with Zoom active service agreement
  • Older phone models may be a security risk on the customer’s network. Zoom will not evaluate whether an end-of-life phone model presents security risks or vulnerabilities. The customer assumes all security risks.
  • Zoom may change its EOL Support policy at any time without notice.

Manufacturer EoL policy References:

Poly End of Life Policy
Yealink End of Life Policy

Manufacturer End of Support timeline Reference Table:



MF End of Support (estimated)


SoundPoint IP 335

Dec 2019

SoundPoint IP 550/560

SoundPoint IP 650

SoundStation IP 5000/ 6000

Q1 CY2026

VVX 300/310




Sep 2021

VVX 400/410

VVX 500

VVX 600

VVX 101


Q1 CY2026


VVX 201

VVX 301

VVX 311

VVX 401

VVX 411

VVX 501

VVX 601




July 2020


Feb 2023


Apr 2025

T42G/ T46G/ T48G

Apr 2025